noun \ˈsəb-ˌsi(-ə)l\

: the layer of soil that is under the top layer

Full Definition of SUBSOIL

:  the stratum of weathered material that underlies the surface soil

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transitive verb

Definition of SUBSOIL

:  to turn, break, or stir the subsoil of
sub·soil·er noun

First Known Use of SUBSOIL



noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Layer (stratum) of earth immediately below the surface soil, consisting predominantly of minerals and leached materials such as iron and aluminum compounds. Humus remains and clay accumulate in subsoil, but the teeming macroscopic and microscopic organisms that make the topsoil rich with organic matter spend little time in the subsoil layer. Below the subsoil is a layer of partially disintegrated rock, and underlying bedrock. Stripping topsoil while clearing land for crop growth or commercial development exposes the subsoil and increases the rate of erosion of soil minerals.


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