verb sub·scribe \səb-ˈskrīb\

: to pay money to get a publication or service regularly

: to agree to buy shares in a company

: to belong to or support something (such as an organization) by paying money regularly


Full Definition of SUBSCRIBE

transitive verb
:  to write (one's name) underneath :  sign
a :  to sign (as a document) with one's own hand in token of consent or obligation
b :  to attest by signing
c :  to pledge (a gift or contribution) by writing one's name with the amount
:  to assent to :  support
intransitive verb
:  to sign one's name to a document
a :  to give consent or approval to something written by signing <unwilling to subscribe to the agreement>
b :  to set one's name to a paper in token of promise to give something (as a sum of money); also :  to give something in accordance with such a promise
c :  to enter one's name for a publication or service; also :  to receive a periodical or service regularly on order <subscribed to many magazines>
d :  to agree to purchase and pay for securities especially of a new offering <subscribed for 1000 shares>
:  to feel favorably disposed <I subscribe to your sentiments>
sub·scrib·er noun

Examples of SUBSCRIBE

  1. Subscribe today and get your first issue free!
  2. You'll receive a user name and password when you subscribe.


Middle English, from Latin subscribere, literally, to write beneath, from sub- + scribere to write — more at scribe
First Known Use: 15th century


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