verb \ˌsəb-də-ˈvīd, ˈsəb-də-ˌ\

: to divide (something) into several or many smaller parts

: to divide (a piece of land) into smaller areas on which houses will be built

Full Definition of SUBDIVIDE

transitive verb
:  to divide the parts of into more parts
:  to divide into several parts; especially :  to divide (a tract of land) into building lots
intransitive verb
:  to separate or become separated into subdivisions
sub·di·vid·able \-ˈvī-də-bəl, -ˌvī-\ adjective
sub·di·vid·er noun

Examples of SUBDIVIDE

  1. The house is being subdivided into several apartments.
  2. The people who attend the conference can be subdivided into three distinct groups.
  3. He plans to subdivide his property.
  4. The land will be subdivided into building lots.


Middle English, from Late Latin subdividere, from Latin sub- + dividere to divide
First Known Use: 15th century


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