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steer clear

Definition of steer clear


  1. :  to keep away from someone or something completely <He's in a bad mood. You'd better steer clear if you don't want trouble.> —often + of <You'd better steer clear of him.> <I try to steer clear of the subject of politics when I talk to him.>

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a male bovine animal and especially a domestic ox (Bos taurus) castrated before sexual maturity — compare stag 3

    :  an ox less than four years old

  1. :  to control the course of :  direct

    :  to guide by mechanical means (as a rudder)

    :  to set and hold to (a course)

  1. :  a hint as to procedure :  tip

  1. : dialect British variant of stir

  1. :  bright, luminous

    :  cloudless

    :  less than one-tenth covered

  1. :  in a clear manner

    :  all the way

  1. :  to make clear or translucent

    :  to free from pollution or cloudiness

    :  to free from accusation or blame :  exonerate, vindicate

  1. :  a clear space or part

    :  a high arcing shot over an opponent's head in badminton

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