noun \ˈskwī(-ə)r\

: a young man in the Middle Ages who helped a knight before eventually becoming a knight himself

: a man in the past in England who owned most of the land in a village or district in the country

—used to address a man whose name is unknown

Full Definition of SQUIRE

:  a shield bearer or armor bearer of a knight
a :  a male attendant especially on a great personage
b :  a man who devotedly attends a lady :  gallant
a :  a member of the British gentry ranking below a knight and above a gentleman
b :  an owner of a country estate; especially :  the principal landowner in a village or district
c (1) :  justice of the peace
(2) :  lawyer (3) :  judge
squir·ish \ˈskwīr-ish\ adjective

Origin of SQUIRE

Middle English squier, from Anglo-French esquier — more at esquire
First Known Use: 13th century


transitive verb

Definition of SQUIRE

:  to attend as a squire :  escort

Examples of SQUIRE

  1. <her father squired her to the dance to make sure she got there all right>

First Known Use of SQUIRE

14th century

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