noun \ˈl-yər, ˈli-ər\

: a person whose job is to guide and assist people in matters relating to the law

Full Definition of LAWYER

:  one whose profession is to conduct lawsuits for clients or to advise as to legal rights and obligations in other matters
law·yer·like \-ˌlīk\ adjective
law·yer·ly \-lē\ adjective

Examples of LAWYER

  1. <their lawyers told them that they couldn't use the park for the concert without permission from the city>

First Known Use of LAWYER

14th century

Other Legal Terms

actionable, alienable, carceral, chattel, complicity, decedent, larceny, malfeasance, modus operandi

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Person trained and licensed to prepare, manage, and either prosecute or defend a court action as an agent for another and who also gives advice on legal matters that may or may not require court action. Legal practice varies from country to country. In Britain, for example, lawyers are divided into barristers and solicitors. In the U.S. attorneys often specialize in limited areas of the law (e.g., criminal law, divorce, or probate). In France the most important type of legal professional is the avocat, roughly comparable to the English barrister. In Germany the chief distinction is between lawyers and notaries.

Variants of LAWYER

lawyer or attorney


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