square dance

square dance


: a dance for four couples that begins with each couple facing one of the other couples so that the four couples form a square

Full Definition of SQUARE DANCE

:  a dance for four couples who form the sides of a square
square–dance intransitive verb
square dancer noun
square dancing noun

First Known Use of SQUARE DANCE


square dance

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Dance for sets of four couples standing in square formation. The most popular type of U.S. folk dance, it derived from the quadrille and was originally called a square dance to distinguish it from the contra, or longways, dance (for a double line of couples) and the round dance (for a circle of couples). The U.S. square dance progresses through specific patterns called or sung out to the dancers by a caller and accompanied by lively music played on instruments such as fiddle, banjo, accordion, guitar, and piano.


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