verb \ˈspla-tər\

of a liquid : to move, fall, or hit something in large drops

of something that contains liquid : to hit something and break apart

: to cause (a liquid) to move or fall in large drops

Full Definition of SPLATTER

transitive verb
:  spatter
intransitive verb
:  to scatter or fall in or as if in drops

Examples of SPLATTER

  1. Mud splattered everywhere when the wet dog shook himself.
  2. Rain splattered against the windows.
  3. A big bug splattered against the windshield of the car.
  4. The egg splattered on the floor.
  5. The paint splattered my clothes.

Origin of SPLATTER

probably blend of splash and spatter
First Known Use: 1785



: a mark or spot made by a large drop of liquid

Full Definition of SPLATTER

Examples of SPLATTER

  1. I had paint splatters on my jeans.
  2. There were mud splatters all over the carpet.
  3. Blood splatter was found at the crime scene.

First Known Use of SPLATTER




Definition of SPLATTER

:  characterized by extreme or excessive gore or violence <a splatter movie>

First Known Use of SPLATTER



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