noun \ˈsfir\

: a round object

geometry : a three-dimensional shape that looks like a ball

: an area of influence or activity

Full Definition of SPHERE

a (1) :  the apparent surface of the heavens of which half forms the dome of the visible sky (2) :  any of the concentric and eccentric revolving spherical transparent shells in which according to ancient astronomy stars, sun, planets, and moon are set
b :  a globe depicting such a sphere; broadly :  globe a
a :  a globular body :  ball
b :  planet, star
c (1) :  a solid that is bounded by a surface consisting of all points at a given distance from a point constituting its center — see volume table
(2) :  the bounding surface of a sphere
:  natural, normal, or proper place; especially :  social order or rank <not in the same sphere as his moneyed friends>
a obsolete :  orbit
b :  an area or range over or within which someone or something acts, exists, or has influence or significance <the public sphere>
spher·ic \ˈsfir-ik, ˈsfer-\ adjective, archaic
sphe·ric·i·ty \sfir-ˈi-sə-tē\ noun

Examples of SPHERE

  1. All points on a sphere are the same distance from the center.
  2. Women at that time were confined to the domestic sphere.
  3. They recognize that jobs in the public sphere are valuable.

Origin of SPHERE

Middle English spere globe, celestial sphere, from Anglo-French espere, from Latin sphaera, from Greek sphaira, literally, ball; perhaps akin to Greek spairein to quiver — more at spurn
First Known Use: 14th century

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Other Astronomy Terms

gibbous, nadir, nebulous, penumbra, retrograde, sidereal, syzygy, wane, wax, zenith


transitive verb

Definition of SPHERE

:  to place in a sphere or among the spheres :  ensphere
:  to form into a sphere

First Known Use of SPHERE

SPHERING Defined for Kids


noun \ˈsfir\

Definition of SPHERE for Kids

:  an object (as the moon) shaped like a ball
:  a figure so shaped that every point on its surface is an equal distance from its center
:  a field of influence or activity <Electrical work is outside a plumber's sphere.>


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