verb \ˈspn, ˈspän\

: to produce or lay eggs in water

: to cause (something) to develop or begin : to produce or create (something)

Full Definition of SPAWN

intransitive verb
:  to deposit or fertilize spawn
:  to produce young especially in large numbers
transitive verb
a :  to produce or deposit (eggs) —used of an aquatic animal
b :  to induce (fish) to spawn
c :  to plant with mushroom spawn
:  bring forth, generate <the idea spawned controversy>
spawn·er noun

Examples of SPAWN

  1. The health-food craze spawned a multimillion-dollar industry.
  2. the incident that spawned a generation of student protests
  3. a TV show that spawned a host of imitations

Origin of SPAWN

Middle English, from Anglo-French espandre to spread out, shed, scatter, spawn, from Latin expandere to expand
First Known Use: 15th century



: the eggs of a fish or frog

Full Definition of SPAWN

:  the eggs of aquatic animals (as fishes or oysters) that lay many small eggs
:  product, offspring; also :  offspring in great numbers
:  the seed, germ, or source of something
:  mycelium especially prepared (as in bricks) for propagating mushrooms

Examples of SPAWN

  1. Pacific salmon return to Alaskan streams to deposit their spawn.
  2. <sometimes I think those little brats are the spawn of Satan himself>

First Known Use of SPAWN

15th century

Other Zoology Terms

altruism, integument


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