noun prod·uct \ˈprä-(ˌ)dəkt\

: something that is made or grown to be sold or used

: something that is the result of a process

: someone or something that is produced or influenced by a particular environment or experience

Full Definition of PRODUCT

:  the number or expression resulting from the multiplication together of two or more numbers or expressions
a (1) :  something produced; especially :  commodity 1 (2) :  something (as a service) that is marketed or sold as a commodity
b :  something resulting from or necessarily following from a set of conditions <a product of his environment>
:  the amount, quantity, or total produced
:  conjunction 5

Examples of PRODUCT

  1. The company's newest product is selling well.
  2. The sap used to make maple syrup is a natural product.
  3. This book is the product of many years of hard work.
  4. The finished product was a beautiful vase.

Origin of PRODUCT

in sense 1, from Middle English, from Medieval Latin productum, from Latin, something produced, from neuter of productus, past participle of producere; in other senses, from Latin productum
First Known Use: 15th century
PRODUCT Defined for Kids


noun prod·uct \ˈprä-dəkt\

Definition of PRODUCT for Kids

:  the number resulting from the multiplication of two or more numbers
:  something resulting from manufacture, labor, thought, or growth
Medical Dictionary


noun prod·uct \ˈpräd-(ˌ)əkt\

Medical Definition of PRODUCT

:  a substance produced from one or more other substances as a result of chemical change
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