adjective spas·mod·ic \spaz-ˈmä-dik\

: relating to or caused by a spasm

: happening suddenly and briefly at different times in a way that is not regular

Full Definition of SPASMODIC

a :  relating to or affected or characterized by spasm
b :  resembling a spasm especially in sudden violence <a spasmodic jerk>
:  acting or proceeding fitfully :  intermittent <spasmodic activity>
:  subject to outbursts of emotional excitement :  excitable
spas·mod·i·cal·ly \-di-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

Examples of SPASMODIC

  1. He made only spasmodic attempts to lose weight.
  2. <spasmodic problems that we will have to deal with as they crop up>


New Latin spasmodicus, from Greek spasmōdēs, from spasmos
First Known Use: circa 1681

Synonym Discussion of SPASMODIC

fitful, spasmodic, convulsive mean lacking steadiness or regularity in movement. fitful implies intermittence, a succession of starts and stops or risings and fallings <fitful sleep>. spasmodic adds to fitful the implication of rapid or violent activity alternating with inactivity <spasmodic growth>. convulsive suggests the breaking of regularity or quiet by uncontrolled movement <convulsive shocks>.
SPASMODICALLY Defined for Kids


adjective spas·mod·ic \spaz-ˈmä-dik\

Definition of SPASMODIC for Kids

:  relating to or affected by spasm :  involving spasms <spasmodic jerking>
spas·mod·i·cal·ly \-di-kə-lē\ adverb
Medical Dictionary


adjective spas·mod·ic \spaz-ˈmäd-ik\

Medical Definition of SPASMODIC

:  of, relating to, characterized by, or resulting from spasm <a spasmodic twitching> <a spasmodic cough>
spas·mod·i·cal·ly \-i-k(ə-)lē\ adverb


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