noun \ˈspaŋ-gəl\

: a small, shiny piece of metal or plastic that is used to decorate clothing

Full Definition of SPANGLE

:  a small plate of shining metal or plastic used for ornamentation especially on clothing
:  a small glittering object or particle

Examples of SPANGLE

  1. showgirls dressed in costumes with gold spangles

Origin of SPANGLE

Middle English spangel, diminutive of spang shiny ornament, probably from Middle Dutch spange; akin to Old English spang buckle, Middle Dutch spannen to stretch
First Known Use: 15th century

Other Clothing Terms

babushka, brogue, bumbershoot, cravat, dishabille, furbelow, layette, raiment, spectator



: to decorate or cover (something) with many small, shiny objects

span·gledspan·gling \ˈspaŋ-g(ə-)liŋ\

Full Definition of SPANGLE

transitive verb
:  to set or sprinkle with or as if with spangles
intransitive verb
:  to glitter as if covered with spangles :  sparkle

Examples of SPANGLE

  1. <in typical Las Vegas fashion, the showgirls' sequined costumes spangled gloriously>

First Known Use of SPANGLE

circa 1548


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