verb \ˈsälv, ˈslv\

: to find a way to deal with and end (a problem)

: to find the correct answer to (something, such as a riddle)

: to find the correct explanation for (something, such as a mystery)


Full Definition of SOLVE

transitive verb
:  to find a solution, explanation, or answer for <solve a problem> <solved the crime>
:  to pay (as a debt) in full
intransitive verb
:  to solve something <substitute and solve for x>
solv·er noun

Examples of SOLVE

  1. They are working to solve the traffic problem.
  2. If they'll lend us the money we need, all our problems will be solved.
  3. He couldn't solve the math problem.
  4. The mystery has been solved.
  5. The FBI has been trying to solve the case for years.

Origin of SOLVE

Middle English, to loosen, from Latin solvere to loosen, solve, dissolve, from sed-, se- apart + luere to release — more at secede, lose
First Known Use: circa 1533

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