adjective so·ber \ˈsō-bər\

: not drunk

: having or showing a very serious attitude or quality

: plain in color

so·ber·er \-bər-ər\ so·ber·est \-b(ə-)rəst\

Full Definition of SOBER

a :  sparing in the use of food and drink :  abstemious
b :  not addicted to intoxicating drink
c :  not drunk
:  marked by sedate or gravely or earnestly thoughtful character or demeanor
:  marked by temperance, moderation, or seriousness <a sober candlelight vigil>
:  subdued in tone or color
:  showing no excessive or extreme qualities of fancy, emotion, or prejudice
so·ber·ly \-bər-lē\ adverb
so·ber·ness noun

Examples of SOBER

  1. I'm driving, so I have to stay sober tonight.
  2. He is a sober, hardworking farmer.
  3. The story is a sober look at drug abuse.
  4. Illness is a sober reminder of our mortality.
  5. The article is a sober reflection on the state of our nation.

Origin of SOBER

Middle English sobre, from Anglo-French, from Latin sobrius; akin to Latin ebrius drunk
First Known Use: 14th century

Related to SOBER

clearheaded, straight
blasted [slang], blind, blitzed [slang], blotto [slang], bombed, boozy, canned [slang], cockeyed, crocked, drunk, drunken, fried, gassed, hammered [slang], high, inebriate, inebriated, intoxicated, juiced [slang], lit, lit up, loaded [slang], looped, oiled [slang], pickled, pie-eyed, plastered, potted [slang], ripped [slang], sloshed [slang], smashed [slang], sottish, soused, sozzled, squiffed (or squiffy), stewed, stiff, stinking [slang], stoned, tanked [slang], tight, tipsy, wasted [slang], wiped out [slang]
See Synonym Discussion at serious

Other Drug/Tobacco Terms

controlled, flake, herb, key, sodden

Rhymes with SOBER



: to make (someone) serious or thoughtful

so·beredso·ber·ing \-b(ə-)riŋ\

Full Definition of SOBER

transitive verb
:  to make sober
intransitive verb
:  to become sober —usually used with up

Examples of SOBER

  1. He returned home from the war, saddened and sobered by his experiences.

First Known Use of SOBER

14th century

Other Drug/Tobacco Terms

controlled, flake, herb, key, sodden


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