noun \ˈsnag\

: an unexpected problem or difficulty

: a sharp or broken part of something that sticks out from a smooth surface

: a thread that sticks out from a piece of cloth

Full Definition of SNAG

a :  a tree or branch embedded in a lake or stream bed and constituting a hazard to navigation
b :  a standing dead tree
:  a rough sharp or jagged projecting part :  protuberance: as
a :  a projecting tooth; also :  a stump of a tooth
b :  one of the secondary branches of an antler
:  a concealed or unexpected difficulty or obstacle
a :  a jagged tear made by or as if by catching on a snag
b :  an irregularity that suggests the result of tearing; especially :  a pulled thread in fabric <a snag in her stocking>
snag·gy \ˈsna-gē\ adjective

Examples of SNAG

  1. I caught my sleeve on a snag and tore it.
  2. My sweater has a snag where I caught it on a nail.

Origin of SNAG

perhaps of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse snagi clothes peg
First Known Use: circa 1587

Rhymes with SNAG


transitive verb

: to catch and tear (something) on something sharp

: to catch, capture, or get (something or someone) by quick action or good luck


Full Definition of SNAG

a :  to catch and usually damage on or as if on a snag
b :  to halt or impede as if by catching on a snag
:  to hew, trim, or cut roughly or jaggedly
:  to clear (as a river) of snags
:  to catch or obtain usually by quick action or good fortune

Examples of SNAG

  1. I snagged my favorite sweater on a nail.
  2. The shortstop snagged the grounder.
  3. The police snagged the suspect as he was trying to run away.
  4. I managed to snag the information I needed from the Internet.
  5. Can I snag a ride from you?

First Known Use of SNAG



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