intransitive verb \ˈsləmp\

: to sit or fall down suddenly and heavily

: to move down or forward suddenly

: to decrease suddenly and by a large amount

Full Definition of SLUMP

a :  to fall or sink suddenly
b :  to drop or slide down suddenly :  collapse
:  to assume a drooping posture or carriage :  slouch
:  to go into a slump <sales slumped>

Examples of SLUMP

  1. She fainted and slumped to the floor.
  2. Exhausted, he slumped down into the chair.
  3. His shoulders slumped forward in disappointment.
  4. Real estate prices slumped during the recession.

Origin of SLUMP

probably imitative
First Known Use: circa 1677



: a sudden decrease in prices, value, amount, etc.

: a period of time when an economy is doing poorly

sports : a period of time when a team or player is doing poorly

Full Definition of SLUMP

a :  a marked or sustained decline especially in economic activity or prices
b :  a period of poor or losing play by a team or individual
:  a downward slide of a mass of rock or land

Examples of SLUMP

  1. The economy's been in a slump since last year.
  2. They've been in a slump ever since they traded their best player.
  3. He's in a batting slump.

First Known Use of SLUMP


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