verb \ˈsliŋk\

: to move in a way that does not attract attention especially because you are embarrassed, afraid, or doing something wrong

slunk \ˈsləŋk\ also slinked \ˈsliŋ(k)t\ slink·ing

Full Definition of SLINK

intransitive verb
:  to go or move stealthily or furtively (as in fear or shame) :  steal
:  to move in a sinuous provocative manner
transitive verb
:  to give premature birth to —used especially of a domestic animal <a cow that slinks her calf>

Examples of SLINK

  1. He slinked away in shame.
  2. <like a thief slinking about in the middle of the night>

Origin of SLINK

Middle English, from Old English slincan to creep; akin to Old English slingan to worm, twist
First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of SLINK

lurk, skulk, slink, sneak mean to behave so as to escape attention. lurk implies a lying in wait in a place of concealment and often suggests an evil intent <suspicious men lurking in alleyways>. skulk suggests more strongly cowardice or fear or sinister intent <something skulking in the shadows>. slink implies moving stealthily often merely to escape attention <slunk around the corner>. sneak may add an implication of entering or leaving a place or evading a difficulty by furtive or underhanded methods <sneaked out early>.



Definition of SLINK

:  the young of an animal (as a calf) brought forth prematurely; also :  the flesh or skin of such an animal

First Known Use of SLINK




Definition of SLINK

:  born prematurely or abortively <a slink calf>

First Known Use of SLINK

SLINK Defined for Kids


verb \ˈsliŋk\
slunk \ˈsləŋk\slink·ing

Definition of SLINK for Kids

:  to move or go by or as if by creeping especially so as not to be noticed (as in fear or shame) <… he stuck his tail between his legs and slunk swiftly away … — Jean Craighead George, Julie of the Wolves>


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