adjective \ˈslīt\

: very small in degree or amount

: thin and not very strong or muscular

Full Definition of SLIGHT

a :  having a slim or delicate build :  not stout or massive in body
b :  lacking in strength or substance :  flimsy, frail
c :  deficient in weight, solidity, or importance :  trivial <a slight movie>
:  small of its kind or in amount <a slight chance> <a slight odor of gas>
slight·ly adverb
slight·ness noun

Examples of SLIGHT

  1. There is a slight chance of rain.
  2. Her head is tilted at a slight angle in the picture.
  3. If you have even the slightest doubt, then don't do it.

Origin of SLIGHT

Middle English, smooth, slight, probably from Old English sliht- (in eorth-slihtes level with the ground); akin to Old High German sleht smooth, slīhhan to glide — more at slick
First Known Use: 14th century


transitive verb

: to offend or insult (someone) : to treat (someone) with disrespect

Full Definition of SLIGHT

:  to treat as slight or unimportant :  make light of
:  to treat with disdain or indifference <slight a guest>
:  to perform or attend to carelessly and inadequately <don't slight your work>

Examples of SLIGHT

  1. I'm sure he didn't mean to slight you.
  2. He was slighted by his colleagues.

First Known Use of SLIGHT




Definition of SLIGHT

:  an act or an instance of slighting
:  an instance of being slighted :  a humiliating discourtesy

Examples of SLIGHT

  1. <refused to respond to their petty slights>

First Known Use of SLIGHT



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