adjective \ˈfē-bəl\

: very weak

: not good enough : not successful or effective

fee·bler \-b(ə-)lər\ fee·blest \-b(ə-)ləst\

Full Definition of FEEBLE

a :  markedly lacking in strength
b :  indicating weakness
a :  deficient in qualities or resources that indicate vigor, authority, force, or efficiency
b :  inadequate, inferior
fee·ble·ness \-bəl-nəs\ noun
fee·bly \-blē\ adverb

Examples of FEEBLE

  1. She's still feeble from her long illness.
  2. We heard a feeble cry for help.
  3. Business is suffering because of the feeble economy.
  4. He made a feeble attempt to explain his behavior.
  5. He offered a feeble excuse for his behavior.
  6. Dislike is too feeble a word for how she feels about him.

Origin of FEEBLE

Middle English feble, from Anglo-French, from Latin flebilis lamentable, wretched, from flēre to weep — more at bleat
First Known Use: 12th century


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