verb \ˈslā\

: to kill (someone or something) especially in a battle or war

: to kill (someone)

: to delight or amuse (someone) very much

slew \ˈslü\ also especially in sense 2 slayedslain \ˈslān\ slay·ing

Full Definition of SLAY

transitive verb
:  to kill violently, wantonly, or in great numbers; broadly :  to strike down :  kill
:  to delight or amuse immensely <slayed the audience>
intransitive verb
:  kill, murder
slay·er noun

Examples of SLAY

  1. The knight slew the dragon.
  2. <millions have been slain worldwide by this dreadful disease>

Origin of SLAY

Middle English slen, from Old English slēan to strike, slay; akin to Old High German slahan to strike, Middle Irish slachta stricken
First Known Use: before 12th century


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