noun \ˈslag\

Definition of SLAG

:  the dross or scoria of a metal

Origin of SLAG

Middle Low German slagge
First Known Use: 1552

Other Metals and Metallurgy Terms

assay, bloom, bullion, ductile, ingot, malleable, patina, plate, temper, tensile

Rhymes with SLAG



Definition of SLAG

slang chiefly British
:  a lewd or promiscuous woman

Origin of SLAG

earlier argot slag coward, worthless person
First Known Use: circa 1958


transitive verb

Definition of SLAG

chiefly British
:  to criticize harshly

Examples of SLAG

  1. <London reviewers slagged off the new play for being another kitchen-sink drama.>

Origin of SLAG

probably from 2slag
First Known Use: 1971


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

By-product formed in smelting, welding, and other metallurgical and combustion processes from impurities in the metals or ores being treated. Slag consists mostly of mixed oxides of elements such as silicon, sulfur, phosphorus, and aluminum; ash; and products formed in their reactions with furnace linings and fluxing substances such as limestone. During smelting or refining, slag floats on the surface of the molten metal, protecting it from oxidation (see oxidation-reduction) by the atmosphere and keeping it clean. Slag cools into a coarse aggregate used in certain concretes; it is used as a road-building material, as ballast, and as a source of available phosphate fertilizer.


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