adjective \ˈski-tish\

of an animal : easily frightened or excited

: nervous or fearful about doing something

: tending to change often : not dependable or stable

Full Definition of SKITTISH

a :  lively or frisky in action :  capricious
b :  variable, fluctuating
:  easily frightened :  restive <a skittish horse>
a :  coy, bashful
b :  marked by extreme caution :  wary <skittish investors>
skit·tish·ly adverb
skit·tish·ness noun

Examples of SKITTISH

  1. We've been skittish about taking on such a large mortgage.
  2. <the skittish colt leapt up when we approached>

Origin of SKITTISH

Middle English, from skit- (probably from Old Norse skyt-) + -ish
First Known Use: 15th century

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