noun \ˈsi-lə-ˌkōn\

: a chemical that does not let water or heat pass through and that is used to make rubber, grease, and in plastic surgery

Full Definition of SILICONE

:  any of various polymeric organic silicon compounds obtained as oils, greases, or plastics and used especially for water-resistant and heat-resistant lubricants, varnishes, binders, and electric insulators

Examples of SILICONE

  1. a prosthesis made of silicone

Origin of SILICONE

silicon + -one
First Known Use: 1943


noun \ˈsil-ə-ˌkōn\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of SILICONE

: any of various polymeric organic silicon compounds which are obtained as oils, greases, or plastics and some of which have been used as surgical implants


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of a diverse class of polymers manufactured as fluids, resins, or elastomers. They are partially organic compounds, but, unlike most polymers, they have a backbone containing no carbon, composed instead of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms. In most silicones, two organic groups (see functional group), usually methyl or phenyl, are attached to each silicon atom. Silicones in general are exceptionally stable and inert. Silicone fluids are used in hydraulic fluids, emulsion-breaking compositions, and breast implants and as adhesives, lubricants, water repellents, and protective coatings. Silicone rubbers are used as electrical insulators in encapsulations, coatings, and varnishes; as gaskets and caulking material; in specialized tubing; as automobile engine components; as flexible windows in face masks and air locks; for laminating glass cloth; and as surgical membranes and implants.

Variants of SILICONE

silicone or polysiloxane


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