noun si·lence \ˈsī-lən(t)s\

: a lack of sound or noise

: a situation, state, or period of time in which people do not talk

: a situation or state in which someone does not talk about or answer questions about something

Full Definition of SILENCE

:  forbearance from speech or noise :  muteness —often used interjectionally
:  absence of sound or noise :  stillness <in the silence of the night>
:  absence of mention:
a :  oblivion, obscurity
b :  secrecy <weapons research was conducted in silence>

Examples of SILENCE

  1. I find it hard to sleep unless there is complete silence.
  2. The silence was broken by the sound of footsteps in the hallway.
  3. We sat there in dead silence.
  4. My sister's revelation was met with stunned silence.
  5. The professor asked for silence.
  6. There was an awkward silence after he confessed his love for her.
  7. A long silence followed her reply.
  8. We must break 50 years of silence on issues like the government's involvement in assassination and espionage.
  9. I will not be intimidated into silence.
  10. She finally ended her silence and spoke to the media about what happened.

Origin of SILENCE

Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin silentium, from silent-, silens
First Known Use: 13th century


transitive verb

: to cause (someone or something) to stop speaking or making noise : to cause (someone or something) to become silent

: to stop (someone) from expressing opinions that are opposed to your own or from telling people about bad things that you have done

: to stop (something) from being expressed or revealed


Full Definition of SILENCE

:  to compel or reduce to silence :  still <silenced the crowd>
:  suppress <silence dissent>
:  to cause to cease hostile firing or criticism <silence the opposition>

Examples of SILENCE

  1. My sister's revelation silenced everyone around the table.
  2. Disconnecting the battery will silence the alarm.
  3. The mayor tried to silence his critics.
  4. I will not be silenced!
  5. It's obvious that the purpose of this law is to silence dissent.

First Known Use of SILENCE

SILENCING Defined for Kids


noun si·lence \ˈsī-ləns\

Definition of SILENCE for Kids

:  the state of keeping or being silent <The teacher motioned for silence.>
:  the state of there being no sound or noise :  stillness



Definition of SILENCE for Kids

:  to stop the noise or speech of :  cause to be silent
:  suppress 1 <The group tried to silence opposing views.>
Medical Dictionary


transitive verb si·lence \ˈsī-lən(t)s\

Medical Definition of SILENCE

:  to block the genetic expression of :  suppress <the gene was silenced using the technique of RNA interference>


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