noun \ˈshə-təl\

: a vehicle that travels back and forth between places

: a pointed tool that is used to weave cloth by pulling a thread from side to side across other threads

Full Definition of SHUTTLE

a :  a device used in weaving for passing the thread of the weft between the threads of the warp
b :  a spindle-shaped device holding the thread in tatting, knotting, or netting
c :  a sliding thread holder for the lower thread of a sewing machine that carries the lower thread through a loop of the upper thread to make a stitch
a :  a going back and forth regularly over an often short route by a vehicle
b (1) :  an established route used in a shuttle
(2) :  a vehicle used in a shuttle <a shuttle bus>
c :  space shuttle
shut·tle·less adjective

Examples of SHUTTLE

  1. A shuttle takes people from the parking lot to the airport.

Origin of SHUTTLE

Middle English shittle, shutle, from Old English scutel, scytel dart; akin to Old Norse skutill bolt, Old English scēotan to shoot — more at shoot
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with SHUTTLE



: to travel back and forth between places

: to bring (people) back and forth between places

shut·tledshut·tling \ˈshət-liŋ, ˈshə-təl-iŋ\

Full Definition of SHUTTLE

transitive verb
:  to cause to move or travel back and forth frequently
:  to transport in, by, or as if by a shuttle <shuttled them to school>
intransitive verb
:  to move or travel back and forth frequently
:  to move by or as if by a shuttle

Examples of SHUTTLE

  1. We shuttled between the city and the country all summer.
  2. A bus shuttled people from the parking lot to the dock.

First Known Use of SHUTTLE


Rhymes with SHUTTLE


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In the weaving of cloth, a spindle-shaped device used to carry the crosswise threads (weft) through the lengthwise threads (warp). Not all modern looms use a shuttle; shuttleless looms draw the weft from a nonmoving supply. Shuttle looms fall into two groups according to whether the shuttle is moved by hand or automatically. The second kind is often described as an automatic loom, but except for shuttle movement it is no more automatic in its operation than the hand-moved or so-called nonautomatic loom. See also flying shuttle.


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