verb \ˈshənt\

: to move (someone or something) to a different and usually less important or noticeable place or position

: to move (a train or railway car) from one track to another

Full Definition of SHUNT

transitive verb
a :  to turn off to one side :  shift <was shunted aside>
b :  to switch (as a train) from one track to another
:  to provide with or divert by means of an electrical shunt
:  to divert (blood) from one part to another by a surgical shunt
:  shuttle <shunted the missiles from shelter to shelter>
intransitive verb
:  to move to the side
:  to travel back and forth <shunted between the two towns>
shunt·er noun

Origin of SHUNT

Middle English, to move suddenly, turn away, evade, perhaps from past participle of shonen
First Known Use: 13th century

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Definition of SHUNT

:  a means or mechanism for turning or thrusting aside: as
a chiefly British :  a railroad switch
b :  a conductor joining two points in an electrical circuit so as to form a parallel or alternative path through which a portion of the current may pass (as for regulating the amount passing in the main circuit)
c :  a surgical passage created to divert a bodily fluid (as blood) from one vessel or part to another ; also :  a device (as a narrow tube) used to establish a similar passage
chiefly British :  an accident (as a collision between two cars) especially in auto racing

First Known Use of SHUNT



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