noun \-ˌhrn\

: a curved device that you use to slide the heel of your foot into a shoe

Full Definition of SHOEHORN

:  a curved piece (as of horn, wood, or metal) used in putting on a shoe

First Known Use of SHOEHORN



transitive verb

: to force (something or someone) into a small space, a short period of time, etc.

Full Definition of SHOEHORN

:  to force to be included or admitted <shoehorned irrelevant arguments into his essay>
:  to force or compress into an insufficient space or period of time :  squeeze <shoehorn the past, present, and future into about 500 pages — Otis Port>

Examples of SHOEHORN

  1. A parking garage has been shoehorned between the buildings.
  2. She's trying to shoehorn a year's worth of classes into a single semester.
  3. I don't know how they managed to shoehorn everyone into that little room.

First Known Use of SHOEHORN


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