adjective \-ˌbrn\

: in the air : moving or being carried through the air

of soldiers : specially trained to jump from airplanes into enemy territory for battle; also : of or relating to airborne soldiers

Full Definition of AIRBORNE

:  done or being in the air :  being off the ground: as
a :  carried through the air (as by an aircraft)
b :  supported especially by aerodynamic forces or propelled through the air by force <a plane becoming airborne>
c :  transported or carried by the air <airborne allergens>
:  trained for deployment by air and especially by parachute <airborne troops>

Examples of AIRBORNE

  1. Once the plane was airborne I loosened my seat belt.
  2. Thousands of airborne troops parachuted behind enemy lines.

First Known Use of AIRBORNE



adjective \-ˌbōrn\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of AIRBORNE

: carried or transported by the air <airborne allergens> <airborne bacteria>


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