verb \ˈshərk\

: to avoid doing something that you are supposed to do

Full Definition of SHIRK

intransitive verb
:  to go stealthily :  sneak
:  to evade the performance of an obligation
transitive verb
:  avoid, evade <shirk one's duty>
shirk·er noun

Examples of SHIRK

  1. He's too conscientious to shirk his duty.
  2. He never shirked from doing his duty.
  3. They did their duty without shirking or complaining.

Origin of SHIRK

origin unknown
First Known Use: 1681


verb    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In Islam, idolatry and polytheism, both of which are regarded as heretical. The Qu'ran stresses that God does not share his powers with any partner (sharik) and warns that those who believe in idols will be harshly dealt with on the Day of Judgment. The concept of shirk has broadened considerably throughout the dogmatic development of Islam, and it has come to be used as the opposite of tawhid (the oneness of God). Different grades of shirk have been distinguished by Islamic law; they include the belief in superstition, belief in the power of created things (e.g., reverencing saints), and belief in those who profess to know the future—all of which pale beside polytheism in seriousness.


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