verb \ˈshāv\

: to cut the hair, wool, etc., off (someone or something) very close to the skin

: to cut off (hair, wool, a beard, etc.) very close to the skin

: to remove a thin layer of (something) from something

shavedshaved or shav·en \ˈshā-vən\ shav·ing

Full Definition of SHAVE

transitive verb
a :  to remove a thin layer from
b :  to cut off in thin layers or shreds :  slice
c :  to cut off closely
a :  to sever the hair from (the head or another part of the body) close to the roots
b :  to cut off (hair or beard) close to the skin
a :  to discount (a note) at an exorbitant rate
b :  deduct, reduce
c :  to conspire to score fewer (points) than one is capable of (as to affect gambling outcomes)
:  to come close to or touch lightly in passing
intransitive verb
:  to cut off hair or beard close to the skin
:  to proceed with difficulty :  scrape

Examples of SHAVE

  1. She cut herself while shaving her legs.
  2. The sheep were all shaved.
  3. He shaves every morning before breakfast.
  4. I cut myself shaving this morning.
  5. She shaves her dog's fur in the summer.
  6. He shaved some butter from the container.

Origin of SHAVE

Middle English, from Old English scafan; akin to Lithuanian skobti to pluck, Latin scabere to scratch, and perhaps to Greek koptein to cut — more at capon
First Known Use: before 12th century



: an act of shaving

Full Definition of SHAVE

:  shaver 3
:  a thin slice :  shaving
:  an act or the process of shaving

First Known Use of SHAVE

before 12th century


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