adjective \ˈsha-gē\

: long and tangled

: covered with hair or fur that is long and tangled


Full Definition of SHAGGY

a :  covered with or consisting of long, coarse, or matted hair
b :  covered with or consisting of thick, tangled, or unkempt vegetation
c :  having a rough nap, texture, or surface
d :  having hairlike processes
a :  unkempt
b :  confused or unclear in conception or thinking <shaggy ideas> <a shaggy argument>
shag·gi·ly \ˈsha-gə-lē\ adverb
shag·gi·ness \ˈsha-gē-nəs\ noun

Examples of SHAGGY

  1. <a big, shaggy dog kept trying to lick my face>
  2. <a shaggy carpet that was a relic of the 1970s>

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