verb \ˈse-vər\

: to cut off (something) : to remove or separate (something) by cutting

: to end (a relationship, connection, etc.) completely

sev·eredsev·er·ing \ˈsev-riŋ, ˈse-və-\

Full Definition of SEVER

transitive verb
:  to put or keep apart :  divide; especially :  to remove (as a part) by or as if by cutting
intransitive verb
:  to become separated

Examples of SEVER

  1. He severed the lowest tree limbs.
  2. His finger was severed in the accident.
  3. Activists are asking the government to sever all diplomatic relations with the country.

Origin of SEVER

Middle English, from Anglo-French severer, from Latin separare — more at separate
First Known Use: 14th century

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