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adverb nev·er \ˈne-vər\

: not ever : not at any time

—used to express surprise, doubt, or disbelief

—used to say that you did not do something

Full Definition of NEVER

:  not ever :  at no time <I never met her>
:  not in any degree :  not under any condition <never the wiser for his experience>

Examples of NEVER

  1. I will never shop at that store again.
  2. I have never seen that happen before.
  3. That man has never heard of you.
  4. We will never forget what we saw.
  5. You never know what you'll find at a flea market.
  6. I never meant to hurt you.
  7. She never really said that.
  8. There is never enough time to finish our work.
  9. Never in my whole life have I been so offended!
  10. I gave him my business for years and never for one moment did I suspect that he was a criminal.

Origin of NEVER

Middle English, from Old English ̄fre, from ne not + ǣfre ever — more at no
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with NEVER

NEVER Defined for Kids


adverb nev·er \ˈne-vər\

Definition of NEVER for Kids

:  not ever :  at no time <He never said he was innocent.>
:  not to any extent or in any way <Never fear, I have the solution.>


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