noun se·rum \ˈsir-əm\

medical : the part of blood that is like water and that contains substances (called antibodies) that fight disease

medical : serum from an animal's blood that can be added to a person's blood to prevent or cure disease

biology : the watery part of a fluid found in a plant

plural serums or se·ra \-ə\

Full Definition of SERUM

:  the watery portion of an animal fluid remaining after coagulation:
a (1) :  blood serum
(2) :  antiserum
b :  whey
c :  a normal or pathological serous fluid (as in a blister)
:  the watery part of a plant fluid

Examples of SERUM

  1. The patient was administered serum.

Origin of SERUM

Latin, whey, wheylike fluid; akin to Greek oros whey
First Known Use: 1665

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Definition of SERUM

:  occurring or found in the blood serum <serum cholesterol> <serum antibodies>

First Known Use of SERUM


Other Medicine Terms

analgesia, angina, diabetes, hepatitis, homeopathy, logorrhea, palliate, pandemic
SERUM Defined for Kids


noun se·rum \ˈsir-əm\

Definition of SERUM for Kids

:  the clear liquid part that can be separated from coagulated blood and contains antibodies
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