verb \ˈskrach\

: to rub your skin with something sharp (such as your fingernails) especially in order to stop an itch

: to make a shallow and narrow cut in (your skin) with something sharp (such as fingernails, claws, etc.)

: to rub a surface or object with something sharp or rough in a way that produces a harsh sound

Full Definition of SCRATCH

transitive verb
:  to scrape or dig with the claws or nails
:  to rub and tear or mark the surface of with something sharp or jagged
a :  to scrape or rub lightly (as to relieve itching)
b :  to act on (a desire) —used with itch <scratch the itch to travel>
:  to scrape together :  collect with difficulty or by effort <scratch out a living>
:  to write or draw on a surface
a :  to cancel or erase by or as if by drawing a line through
b :  to withdraw (an entry) from competition
:  to scrape along a rough surface <scratch a match>
intransitive verb
:  to use the claws or nails in digging, tearing, or wounding
:  to scrape or rub oneself lightly (as to relieve itching)
:  to gather money or make a living by hard work and especially through irregular means and sacrifice <had to scratch and save for college>
a :  to make a thin grating sound
b :  to produce a rhythmic scratching sound by moving a phonograph record back and forth under a phonograph needle
:  to withdraw from a contest or engagement
:  to make a scratch in billiards or pool
scratch·er noun
scratch one's back
:  to accommodate with a favor especially in expectation of like return
scratch one's head
:  to be or become confused or perplexed
scratch the surface
:  to make a modest effort or start

Examples of SCRATCH

  1. Will you scratch my back for me?
  2. Scratching the itch only makes it worse.
  3. The dog scratched its ear.
  4. You shouldn't scratch. It'll just make your itch worse.
  5. Thorns scratched our legs as we climbed through the briars.
  6. Careful, the cat will scratch.
  7. The dog was scratching at the door.
  8. Be careful not to scratch the table.
  9. Someone scratched the paint on my car.
  10. The little boy scratched lines in the dirt with a stick.

Origin of SCRATCH

Middle English scracchen, probably blend of scratten to scratch and cracchen to scratch
First Known Use: 15th century

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: a line or mark in the surface of something that is caused by something rough or sharp rubbing against it

: a shallow and narrow cut in the skin that is caused by something sharp

: the sound made when something sharp rubs against a surface or object

Full Definition of SCRATCH

:  a mark or injury produced by scratching; also :  a slight wound
:  the sound made by scratching
:  the starting line in a race
a :  a test of courage
b :  satisfactory condition, level, or performance <not up to scratch>
:  a contestant whose name is withdrawn
:  poultry feed (as mixed grains) scattered on the litter or ground especially to induce birds to exercise —called also scratch feed
a :  a shot in billiards or pool that ends a player's turn; specifically :  a shot in pool in which the cue ball falls into the pocket
b :  a shot that scores by chance :  fluke
slang :  money, funds
from scratch
:  from a point at which nothing has been done ahead of time <build a school system from scratch>
:  without using a prepared mixture of ingredients <bake a cake from scratch>

Examples of SCRATCH

  1. There's a scratch in the paint on the new car!
  2. The table is an antique but it doesn't have any dents or scratches.
  3. I got a scratch on my leg when I climbed the fence.
  4. The only sound in the room during the test was the scratch of pencils on paper.
  5. We don't have the scratch to buy a new car.

First Known Use of SCRATCH

circa 1586

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of a golfer : having no handicap

: put together quickly and without enough planning or thought

Full Definition of SCRATCH

:  arranged or put together with little selection :  haphazard <a scratch team>
:  made as or used for a tentative effort
:  made or done by chance and not as intended <a scratch shot>
:  having no handicap or allowance <a scratch golfer>
:  made from scratch :  made with basic ingredients <a scratch cake>

First Known Use of SCRATCH



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