noun \ˈsent\

: a pleasant smell that is produced by something

: a smell that is left by an animal or person and that can be sensed and followed by some animals (such as dogs)

: a slight indication of something that is going to happen or that might happen

Full Definition of SCENT

:  effluvia from a substance that affect the sense of smell: as
a :  an odor left by an animal on a surface passed over
b :  a characteristic or particular odor; especially :  one that is agreeable
a :  power of smelling :  sense of smell <a keen scent>
b :  power of detection :  nose <a scent for heresy>
:  a course of pursuit or discovery <throw one off the scent>
:  inkling, intimation <a scent of trouble>
:  perfume 2
:  bits of paper dropped in the game of hare and hounds
:  a mixture prepared for use as a lure in hunting or fishing
scent·less \ˈsent-ləs\ adjective

Examples of SCENT

  1. The flower has a wonderful scent.
  2. The dogs followed the fox's scent.
  3. The prisoner escaped because the dogs lost his scent.

Origin of SCENT

Middle English sent, from Anglo-French sente, from sentir
First Known Use: 14th century

Related to SCENT

aroma, attar (also otto), balm, bouquet, fragrancy, incense, perfume, redolence, fragrance, spice
fetor, malodor, reek, stench, stink
See Synonym Discussion at fragrance, smell

Other Hunting and Fishing Terms

chum, covert, creel, flense, pitfall, seine, skulk, spoor, trawl



: to become aware of (something) by smell

: to give (something) a pleasing smell

Full Definition of SCENT

transitive verb
a :  to perceive by the olfactory organs :  smell
b :  to get or have an inkling of <scent trouble>
:  to imbue or fill with odor <scented the air with perfume>
intransitive verb
:  to yield an odor of some specified kind <this scents of sulfur>; also :  to bear indication or suggestions
:  to use the nose in seeking or tracking prey

Examples of SCENT

  1. The dog scented a rabbit.
  2. She scented the air with perfume.

Origin of SCENT

Middle English senten, from Anglo-French sentir to feel, smell, from Latin sentire to perceive, feel — more at sense
First Known Use: 15th century

Related to SCENT


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