noun \ˈsan(d)-ˌbag\

: a bag filled with sand and used as a weight or to build temporary walls, dams, etc.

Full Definition of SANDBAG

:  a bag filled with sand and used in fortifications, as ballast, or as a weapon

First Known Use of SANDBAG




: to put sandbags around, on, or in (something)

: to hit (someone) with a sandbag

: to hide your true abilities or purpose in order to deceive people, gain an advantage, etc.

Full Definition of SANDBAG

transitive verb
:  to bank, stop up, or weight with sandbags
a :  to hit or stun with or as if with a sandbag
b :  to treat unfairly or harshly
c :  to coerce by crude means <are raiding the Treasury and sandbagging the government — C. W. Ferguson>
d :  to conceal or misrepresent one's true position, potential, or intent especially in order to take advantage of
intransitive verb
:  to hide the truth about oneself so as to gain an advantage over another
sand·bag·ger noun

Examples of SANDBAG

  1. He claimed he was playing badly because of an injury, but I think he was sandbagging.
  2. I think he was sandbagging us.

First Known Use of SANDBAG



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