adjective ro·tate \ˈrō-ˌtāt\

Definition of ROTATE

:  having the parts flat and spreading or radiating like the spokes of a wheel <rotate blue flowers>

Origin of ROTATE

Latin rota
First Known Use: 1785

Other Botany Terms

annual, burgeon, chloroplast, nomenclature, succulent, sylvan, xylem

Rhymes with ROTATE

abate, ablate, adnate, aerate, age-mate, agnate, airdate, airfreight, alate, arête, await, backdate, baldpate, bandmate, baseplate, bedmate, bedplate, berate, birthrate, bistate, bite plate, blank slate, blind date, blue plate, bookplate, breastplate, casemate, castrate, caudate, cell plate, cerate, cheapskate, checkmate, chelate, chordate, citrate, classmate, clavate, cognate, collate, comate, conflate, connate, Cook Strait, cordate, create, cremate, crenate, curate, cut-rate, deadweight, death rate, debate, deflate, delate, dentate, derate, dictate, dilate, disrate, donate, doorplate, downstate, drawplate, elate, end plate, equate, estate, faceplate, falcate, fellate, filtrate, first-rate, fishplate, fixate, flatmate, floodgate, fluxgate, flyweight, folate, formate, frustrate, gelate, gestate, ground state, gyrate, hamate, hastate, headgate, Hell Gate, helpmate, home plate, hot plate, housemate, hydrate, ice-skate, inflate, ingrate, inmate, innate, instate, irate, jailbait, Kuwait, lactate, lapse rate, legate, liftgate, ligate, lightweight, liquate, lobate, locate, lunate, lustrate, lych-gate, lyrate, magnate, makebate, makeweight, mandate, messmate, migrate, misstate, mutate, nameplate, narrate, negate, Newgate, nitrate, notate, nutate, oblate, of late, orate, ornate, ovate, palmate, palpate, peltate, phonate, pinnate, placate, playdate, playmate, plicate, portrait, postdate, predate, prime rate, probate, prolate, pronate, prorate, prostate, prostrate, punctate, pupate, quadrate, rain date, ramate, rebate, red-bait, relate, restate, roommate, rostrate, saccate, schoolmate, seatmate, sedate, sensate, septate, serrate, shipmate, short weight, slave state, soleplate, soul mate, spectate, spicate, squamate, stagnate, stalemate, stellate, striate, sublate, substrate, sulcate, summate, tailgate, teammate, Tebet, tenth-rate, ternate, terneplate, testate, third-rate, tinplate, to date, toeplate, tollgate, tractate, translate, tristate, truncate, unweight, update, uprate, upstate, V-8, vacate, vallate, valvate, vibrate, virgate, vulgate, whitebait, workmate


verb ro·tate \ˈrō-ˌtāt, especially British rō-ˈ\

: to move or turn in a circle

: to regularly change the person who does a particular job so that all the members of a group do it at different times

: to regularly change the place or position of things or people so that each takes the place of another


Full Definition of ROTATE

intransitive verb
a :  to perform an act, function, or operation in turn
b :  to pass or alternate in a series
:  to turn about an axis or a center :  revolve; especially :  to move in such a way that all particles follow circles with a common angular velocity about a common axis
transitive verb
a :  to cause to turn or move about an axis or a center
b :  to cause (a plane region or line) to sweep out a volume or surface by moving around an axis so that each of its points remains at a constant distance from the axis <generate a torus by rotating a circle about an external line>
:  to cause to grow in rotation <rotate crops>
:  to cause to pass or act in a series :  alternate
:  to exchange (individuals or units) with others
ro·tat·able \ˈrō-ˌtā-tə-bəl also rō-ˈ\ adjective

Examples of ROTATE

  1. As the gear rotates, it turns the other gears.
  2. The Earth rotates on its axis.
  3. The planets rotate around the sun.
  4. The software allows you to rotate images.
  5. Rotate the sheet of paper 90 degrees.
  6. The staff rotates the weekend shift.
  7. We rotate—she does the dishes one week; I do them the next.
  8. You should rotate your car's tires once a year.

Origin of ROTATE

Latin rotatus, past participle of rotare, from rota wheel — more at roll
First Known Use: 1785


verb ro·tate \ˈrō-ˌtāt, especially British rō-ˈ\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of ROTATE

intransitive verb
:  to turn about an axis or a center
transitive verb
:  to cause to turn about an axis or a center <rotate the head>


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