noun \ˈrä-kər\

: a curved piece of wood or metal on which an object (such as a cradle or chair) moves back and forth or from side to side

: someone who plays or performs rock music

: someone who enjoys listening to rock music

Full Definition of ROCKER

a :  either of two curving pieces of wood or metal on which an object (as a cradle) rocks
b :  any of various objects (as a rocking chair or an infant's toy having a seat placed between side pieces) that rock on rockers
c :  any of various objects in the form of a rocker or with parts resembling a rocker (as a skate with a curved blade)
d (1) :  any of the curved stripes at the lower part of a chevron worn by a noncommissioned officer above the rank of sergeant
(2) :  the curved stripe at the upper part of a chevron worn by a chief petty officer
:  any of various devices that work with a rocking motion
:  a rock performer, song, or enthusiast
off one's rocker
:  in a state of extreme confusion or insanity <went off her rocker, and had to be put away — Mervyn Wall>

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