noun \ˈhäk\

Definition of HOCK

a :  the tarsal joint or region in the hind limb of a digitigrade quadruped (as the horse) corresponding to the human ankle but elevated and bending backward — see horse illustration
b :  a joint of a fowl's leg that corresponds to the hock of a quadruped
:  a small cut of meat from a front or hind leg just above the foot <ham hocks>

Origin of HOCK

Middle English hoch, hough, from Old English hōh heel; akin to Old Norse hāsin hock
First Known Use: 1540

Other Anatomy Terms

bilateral symmetry, carotid, cartilage, dorsal, entrails, prehensile, renal, solar plexus, supine, thoracic, ventral


noun, often capitalized

Definition of HOCK

chiefly British
:  rhine wine 1

Origin of HOCK

modification of German Hochheimer, from Hochheim, Germany
First Known Use: circa 1625

Other Alcoholic Beverage Terms

finish, gimlet, mull, sake, setup, sommelier, syllabub, vintner, wassail



: to give (something that you own) to a pawnbroker in exchange for money : to put (something) in hock

Full Definition of HOCK

transitive verb
:  pawn
hock·er noun

Examples of HOCK

  1. <the prince had to hock the family jewels to pay his gambling debts>

Origin of HOCK

First Known Use: 1878

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Definition of HOCK

a :  2pawn 2 <got his watch out of hock>
b :  debt 3 <in hock to the bank>
:  prison

Origin of HOCK

Dutch hok pen, prison
First Known Use: 1883
HOCKER Defined for Kids


noun \ˈhäk\

Definition of HOCK for Kids

:  a small piece of meat from the leg of a pig <ham hocks>
:  the part of the rear leg of a four-footed animal that is like a human ankle
Medical Dictionary


noun \ˈhäk\

Medical Definition of HOCK

:  the joint or region of the joint that unites the tarsal bones in the hind limb of a digitigrade quadruped (as the horse) and that corresponds to the human ankle but is elevated and bends backward

Illustration of HOCK


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