adjective \ˈrīp\

of fruits and vegetables : fully grown and developed and ready to be eaten

: ready or suitable for something

of food and especially cheese : brought to full flavor or the best state by being stored for a period of time


Full Definition of RIPE

:  fully grown and developed :  mature <ripe fruit> <ripe wheat>
:  having mature knowledge, understanding, or judgment
:  of advanced years :  late <a ripe old age>
a :  suitable, appropriate <the time was ripe for the attempt>
b :  fully prepared :  ready <the colonies were ripe for revolution>
a :  brought by aging to full flavor or the best state :  mellow <ripe cheese>
b :  smelly, stinking
:  ruddy, plump, or full like ripened fruit <a ripe figure>
:  indecent <ripe language>
ripe·ly adverb
ripe·ness noun

Examples of RIPE

  1. The apples are nearly ripe.
  2. <the clothes of the field hands were sweaty and ripe after a hard day's work>

Origin of RIPE

Middle English, from Old English rīpe; akin to Old English rīpan, reopan to reap
First Known Use: before 12th century

Other Botany Terms

annual, burgeon, chloroplast, nomenclature, succulent, sylvan, xylem

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