noun \ˈrij\

: a long area of land that is on top of a mountain or hill

: a raised part or area on the surface of something

: the place where two sloping surfaces meet

Full Definition of RIDGE

:  an elevated body part or structure
a :  a range of hills or mountains
b :  an elongate elevation on an ocean bottom
:  an elongate crest or a linear series of crests
:  a raised strip (as of plowed ground)
:  the line of intersection at the top between the opposite slopes or sides of a roof
ridged \ˈrijd\ adjective

Examples of RIDGE

  1. We hiked along the ridge.
  2. the ridges on the sole of a boot
  3. the ridge of a roof

Origin of RIDGE

Middle English rigge, from Old English hrycg; akin to Old High German hrukki ridge, back
First Known Use: before 12th century

Other Geology Terms

anthracite, boulder, cwm, erratic, igneous, intrusive, mesa, sedimentary, silt, swale

Rhymes with RIDGE



Definition of RIDGE

transitive verb
:  to form into a ridge
intransitive verb
:  to extend in ridges

First Known Use of RIDGE

RIDGES Defined for Kids


noun \ˈrij\

Definition of RIDGE for Kids

:  a range of hills or mountains or its upper part
:  a raised strip <The plow created a ridge of soil.>
:  the line made where two sloping surfaces come together <Birds sat perched on the ridge of the roof.>
ridged \ˈrijd\ adjective
Medical Dictionary


noun \ˈrij\

Medical Definition of RIDGE

:  a raised or elevated part and especially a body part: as a :  the projecting or elevated part of the back along the line of the backbone b :  an elevated body part projecting from a surface
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