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verb re·write \(ˌ)rē-ˈrīt\

: to write (something) again especially in a different way in order to improve it or to include new information


Full Definition of REWRITE

transitive verb
:  to write in reply
:  to make a revision of (as a story) :  cause to be revised: as
a :  to put (contributed material) into form for publication
b :  to alter (previously published material) for use in another publication
intransitive verb
:  to revise something previously written
re·writ·er noun

Examples of REWRITE

  1. The teacher asked him to rewrite the essay.
  2. I had to rewrite the computer program.

First Known Use of REWRITE


Rhymes with REWRITE

affright, air right, airtight, albite, Albright, alight, all right, all-night, a mite, aright, backbite, backlight, bauxite, bedight, birthright, black light, bleed white, bobwhite, bombsight, box kite, calcite, campsite, catfight, cockfight, contrite, cordite, Cushite, daylight, deadlight, delight, dendrite, despite, dogfight, downlight, downright, droplight, dust mite, earthlight, excite, eyebright, eyesight, fanlight, felsite, ferrite, finite, fire blight, firefight, firelight, first night, fistfight, flashlight, fleabite, floodlight, foresight, forthright, fortnight, freewrite, frostbite, Gadite, gall mite, gaslight, gastight, ghostwrite, goethite, graphite, green light, gummite, gunfight, half-light, halite, Hamite, handwrite, headlight, highlight, hindsight, Hittite, homesite, hoplite, Hussite, ignite, illite, infight, in-flight, incite, indict, indite, insight, in sight, invite, jacklight, jadeite, key light, lamplight, late blight, leucite, Levite, lighttight, lignite, limelight, lintwhite, lowlight, Lucite, Luddite, lyddite, marmite, Melchite, Memphite, midnight, millwright, moonlight, New Right, night-light, nitrite, off-site, off-white, on sight, on-site, outright, outsight, partite, peep sight, penlight, perlite, playwright, polite, preflight, prizefight, pyrite, quartzite, ratite, recite, red light, red-light, requite, respite, rushlight, rust mite, safelight, samite, searchlight, Semite, Servite, Shemite, Shiite, shipwright, sidelight, sit tight, skintight, skylight, skywrite, slant height, smectite, snakebite, snow-white, sound bite, spaceflight, spotlight, stage fright, starlight, sternite, sticktight, stoplight, streetlight, stylite, sulfite, sunlight, Sunnite, taillight, termite, thermite, tonight, torchlight, trothplight, Twelfth Night, twilight, twi-night, typewrite, unite, unsight, upright, uptight, wainwright, watch night, wax light, Web site, weeknight, wheelwright, white flight, white knight, x-height, zinc white


noun re·write \ˈrē-ˌrīt\

Definition of REWRITE

:  a piece of writing (as a news story) constructed by rewriting
:  an act or instance of rewriting

First Known Use of REWRITE

REWRITING Defined for Kids


verb re·write \ˌrē-ˈrīt\
re·wrote \-ˈrōt\re·writ·ten \-ˈri-tən\re·writ·ing \-ˈrī-tiŋ\

Definition of REWRITE for Kids

:  to write over again especially in a different way <Rewrite this confusing sentence.>


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