noun \ri-ˈspänd\

Definition of RESPOND

:  an engaged pillar supporting an arch or closing a colonnade or arcade

Origin of RESPOND

Middle English respounde, literally, reply, from Anglo-French respuns, respunt response
First Known Use: 15th century



: to say or write something as an answer to a question or request

: to do something as a reaction to something that has happened or been done : to have a particular reaction to something

: to have a good or desired reaction to something

Full Definition of RESPOND

intransitive verb
:  to say something in return :  make an answer <respond to criticism>
a :  to react in response <responded to a call for help>
b :  to show favorable reaction <respond to surgery>
:  to be answerable <respond in damages>
transitive verb
:  reply
re·spond·er \-ˈspän-dər\ noun

Examples of RESPOND

  1. She hasn't yet responded to my letter.
  2. My mother responded to my request with a firm no.
  3. The teacher asked a question, but the student didn't respond.
  4. Are you ready? he asked. No, she responded.
  5. When I asked him what he was doing, he responded that it was none of my business.
  6. Police quickly responded to the call for help.
  7. She responded to their decision by threatening to quit.

Origin of RESPOND

alteration of Middle English respounden, from Anglo-French respundre, from Latin respondēre to promise in return, answer, from re- + spondēre to promise — more at spouse
First Known Use: 1572


intransitive verb \ri-ˈspänd\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of RESPOND

: to react in response
: to show favorable reaction <respond to surgery>


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