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adjective re·served \ri-ˈzərvd\

: not openly expressing feelings or opinions

: kept for use only by a particular person or group

Full Definition of RESERVED

:  restrained in words and actions
:  kept or set apart or aside for future or special use
re·serv·ed·ly \-ˈzər-vəd-lē\ adverb
re·serv·ed·ness \-ˈzər-vəd-nəs\ noun

Examples of RESERVED

  1. She is a very reserved young woman.
  2. The front row is reserved for faculty.

First Known Use of RESERVED


Synonym Discussion of RESERVED

silent, taciturn, reticent, reserved, secretive mean showing restraint in speaking. silent implies a habit of saying no more than is needed <the strong, silent type>. taciturn implies a temperamental disinclination to speech and usually connotes unsociability <taciturn villagers>. reticent implies a reluctance to speak out or at length, especially about one's own affairs <was reticent about his plans>. reserved implies reticence and suggests the restraining influence of caution or formality in checking easy informal conversational exchange <greetings were brief, formal, and reserved>. secretive, too, implies reticence but usually carries a suggestion of deviousness and lack of frankness or of an often ostentatious will to conceal <the secretive research and development division>.

Rhymes with RESERVED

RESERVEDLY Defined for Kids


adjective re·served \ri-ˈzərvd\

Definition of RESERVED for Kids

:  cautious in words and actions
:  kept or set apart for future or special use <We have reserved seats.>


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