verb \ˌrē-ən-ˈfrs\

: to strengthen (a group of people) with new supplies or more people

: to strengthen (something, such as clothing or a building) by adding more material for support

: to encourage or give support to (an idea, behavior, feeling, etc.)

Full Definition of REINFORCE

transitive verb
:  to strengthen by additional assistance, material, or support :  make stronger or more pronounced <reinforce levees> <reinforce the elbows of a jacket> <reinforce ideas>
:  to strengthen or increase by fresh additions <reinforce our troops> <were reinforcing their pitching staff>
:  to stimulate (as an experimental animal or a student) with a reinforcer; also :  to encourage (a response) with a reinforcer
intransitive verb
:  to seek or get reinforcements
re·in·force·able \-ˈfr-sə-bəl\ adjective

Variants of REINFORCE

re·in·force also re·en·force \ˌrē-ən-ˈfrs\

Examples of REINFORCE

  1. The captain sent out another squad to reinforce the troops.
  2. Our camp is reinforced with supplies flown in by helicopter.
  3. The levees will need to be reinforced.
  4. The bad weather forecast only reinforces our decision to leave early tomorrow.
  5. Some critics say that the movie reinforces negative stereotypes about the military.
  6. We do our best to reinforce good conduct in the classroom.


re- + inforce, alteration of enforce
First Known Use: 1567


transitive verb \ˌrē-ən-ˈfō(ə)rs, -ˈf(ə)rs\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of REINFORCE

: to strengthen by additional material or support : make stronger <reinforced with vitamins>
: to stimulate (as an experimental animal or a student) by reinforcement; also : to encourage (a response) by reinforcement
re·in·force·able \-ə-bəl\ adjective


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