noun \ˌre-fy-ˈjē, ˈre-fy-ˌ\

: someone who has been forced to leave a country because of war or for religious or political reasons

Full Definition of REFUGEE

:  one that flees; especially :  a person who flees to a foreign country or power to escape danger or persecution
ref·u·gee·ism \-ˌi-zəm\ noun

Examples of REFUGEE

  1. Thousands of refugees have fled the area.
  2. <refugees began returning to their homeland after years of political unrest and war>

Origin of REFUGEE

French réfugié, past participle of (se) réfugier to take refuge, from Middle French refugier, from Latin refugium
First Known Use: 1685

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Person involuntarily displaced from his or her homeland. Until the late 19th century and the emergence of fixed and closed national boundaries, refugees were always absorbed by neighbouring countries. Later, immigration restrictions and increasing numbers of refugees necessitated special action to aid them. In 1921 Fridtjof Nansen created a League of Nations Passport to allow refugees to move freely across national boundaries. Refugee status at that time was accorded only if the migrant's departure was involuntary and asylum was sought in another country. In 1938 the definition of refugee was expanded to include persons with a well-founded fear of persecution because of ethnicity, religion, nationality, group membership, or political opinion. Later the definition was expanded again to include persons who have fled from their homes to other places in their own countries. Refugee status ceases to apply when the migrant either is resettled or returns home. At the beginning of the 21st century there were some 16 million refugees, including nearly 4 million Palestinians; much of the rest of the world's refugees were in Asia (particularly Afghanistan) and Africa, though conflict in the former Yugoslavia and elsewhere in post-Cold War Europe significantly increased the number of refugees in those regions. See also International Refugee Organization; Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.


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