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adjective cen·trif·u·gal \sen-ˈtri-fyə-gəl, -ˈtri-fi-, especially British ˌsen-tri-ˈfyü-gəl\

Simple Definition of centrifugal

  • : moving away from a center : acting in a direction away from a center

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of centrifugal

  1. 1 :  proceeding or acting in a direction away from a center or axis

  2. 2 :  using or acting by centrifugal force <a centrifugal pump>

  3. 3 :  efferent

  4. 4 :  tending away from centralization :  separatist <centrifugal tendencies in modern society>


play \-gə-lē\ adverb

Did You Know?

Centrifugal force is what keeps a string with a ball on the end taut when you whirl it around. A centrifuge is a machine that uses centrifugal force. At the end of a washing machine's cycle, it becomes a weak and simple centrifuge as it whirls the water out of your clothes. Centrifuges hundreds of thousands of times as powerful are essential to nuclear technology and drug manufacturing. Part of an astronaut's training occurs in a centrifuge that generates force equal to several times the force of gravity (about like a washing machine) to get them used to the forces they'll encounter in a real space mission.

Origin and Etymology of centrifugal

New Latin centrifugus, from centr- + Latin fugere to flee — more at fugitive

First Known Use: circa 1721



noun cen·trif·u·gal

Definition of centrifugal

  1. :  a centrifugal machine or a drum in such a machine


First Known Use of centrifugal


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Medical Dictionary


adjective cen·trif·u·gal \sen-ˈtrif-yə-gəl, -ˈtrif-i-gəl\

Medical Definition of centrifugal

  1. :  passing outward (as from a nerve center to a muscle or gland) :  efferent


\-gə-lē\play adverb

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