verb \ri-ˈfresh\

: to make (someone) have more energy and feel less tired or less hot

: to give someone more of (a drink) : to fill (someone's glass, cup, etc.) again

computers : to put (something, such as a page on the Internet) into a computer's memory again in order to show any new information : to cause an updated version of (something, such as an Internet page) to appear on a computer screen

Full Definition of REFRESH

transitive verb
:  to restore strength and animation to :  revive
:  to freshen up :  renovate
a :  to restore or maintain by renewing supply :  replenish
b :  arouse, stimulate <let me refresh your memory>
:  to run water over or restore water to
:  to update or renew (as an image, a display screen, or the contents of a computer memory) especially by sending a new signal
intransitive verb
:  to become refreshed
:  to take refreshment
:  to lay in fresh provisions
refresh noun

Examples of REFRESH

  1. <brought out some iced tea to refresh the spirits of the folks working out in the sun>
  2. <we were looking for a family-friendly restaurant where we could sit down and refresh before continuing>

Origin of REFRESH

Middle English refresshen, from Anglo-French refreschir, from re- + fresch fresh — more at fresh
First Known Use: 14th century


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